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Friday, July 19, 2013



They banded a naked girl
Riding a beautiful star specked
Horse with the echo of youth
So they might track her
Should she ever return.

Somewhere out there silence
Can be learned as if it were
An alien language or a card game.

See those spinning lights?
They are the ones I spoke of
In my letter.  Yes, they are
The children of of the deepest
Purest thing we could ever imagine,
But we could not realize them 
Happening to us.

Now I don’t know about the rest
Of you but I’m thinking none of this
Is done in vain.  This is the world,
Is it not?  “We are surrounded by
Enchantments.” Who can judge
Any of this? Moonlight? Lions?

We came here because we must
Come here.  We were told this is
The place. Where will love
Go better?  Where will anything
Be as innocent as this ever again?

I press my face into her hair
And breathe.  They will come
For us soon enough.  Don’t 
Even think of running.  Just
Look at that horse.  Unbelievable!
The lovely girl, naked.  Her beautiful
Back.  Look how we understand this.

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