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Monday, May 18, 2015



A slight reflection noted as sound
Upon water, then an uplifting of wings
That slides into the shadows over some

The evening had just settled itself in
Gathering its collection of shadows,
Red-violets and wistful birds songs.

“You won’t be going there tonight.”, he said
Pointing toward the tallest stand of trees,
“There’s hungry animals out there. We can’t
Take a chance of losing anyone.”


But the moon will be out later.
The breeze is so gentle it feels made
Of dreaming and silk memories.

I pack my small bag and head for
The tall dark.  “I’ll try to find out
What’s just over that ridge and be
Back by morning, if I am able.”

No one says not to go but no one
Follows  At the edge of the light

I discover I am able to fly.