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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Slips of the dervish and images

These images came from around the internet and struck me as unusual in both their content and locations.


I had an emotional bypass,

A valve job on my feelings.

Now I’m pure Teflon II.

Nothing sticks, nothing penetrates.

I have no reaction. Go ahead

Say something beyond description.

A white froth stays on my lips.

I am overcome by drugs generated in my glads.

Tears in my upholstery:

I’d like to give you something

Wonderful. I look for something

And go blind.

When these doors open

I expect love.

No reflection.

No models.

Sores in the heart

That won’t heal.

Monday, April 26, 2010

poem pictures


Dressed in fetish clothing

And hearing uncomfortably clearly.

I stretch a membrane of understanding

Across my eyes.

I will have no doubt the next time

I see your face.

I will find it easy to recognize the grace

Of misunderstanding you.

It will be like a perfectly sharpened


My principles will fracture

Revealing all their petty foundations.

I will shake within the wall of language,

Waiting for a single pause where I might catch

My breath and identify my feeling

For you just this once.

There is no use.

I am smeared upon the words,

Barely able to buckle the straps

Around my body, barely able to attenuate

The vulnerable parts so they will gleam,

Terrifying, romantic in pure discourse.