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Tuesday, January 28, 2014



The night is beautiful
With its lips full
Upon the thighs of Summer.

It swirls the moon
Through clouds and spews
It high and bright and round
The dome of its fine home.

Crickets in their dark
Lovemaking, sing the praises
Of the grass and breezes,
A rhythmic transubstantiation
Played in scraping stridulation
To a counterpoint of August dark.

There, then and only then,
We take our breath out walking
On the milky paths of full moon
Shining and cast our glances deep
Into its lap of dreams, to hold
Just but a moment, for a moment
Only, all the crazy swirl of star
Light unto ourselves that we

May be this way before it.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Rebecca Gozion


I had an emotional bypass,
A valve job on my feelings.
Now I’m pure Teflon II.
Nothing sticks, nothing penetrates.
I have no reaction.  Go ahead
Say something beyond description.

A white froth stays on my lips.
I am overcome by drugs generated in my glands.

Tears in my upholstery:
I’d like to give you something
Wonderful.  I look for something
And go blind.
When these doors open
I expect love.

No reflection.
No models.

Sores in the heart
That won’t heal.