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Thursday, April 22, 2010

a new poem and some random images just like I enjoy


I suppose it was broken long before

We got here. There were rubber bands

Holding the wheels to the axles. The whole

Thing tipped and grumbled every time

It tried to do that walk it did.

Everyone still found it very entertaining.

Perhaps the questions it posed

Are unanswerable, like skeletons

Waiting by a windmill for the grass

To reveal the grim beast of the wood.

The forest listens to each leaf, each

Signature of love. It breaks the heart

To see the fields aflame like this,

but oh and oh and oh what

A wondrous view we have of heaven.

The swans. The clouds. The magnificent

Headdresses all comforted and astonished

That they are. We are forced to think

Of our mothers and when they finally

Showed us the great birds and

When we finally touched them

Any idea could be ours. The whole

Thing just clunked along like a good habit.

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