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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Lullabyeland - Charles Robinson
1895 - Night in Venice


I used to think that it was
Wind that pulled my face 
Away from my bones and threw
My thoughts as far as the sea

Shore, where I could stand
For hours watching the birds twist
In the bright blue air and tear
Across the wave tops barely
Clipping the surface, then lifting
Themselves up toward the sun.

My hair ruffling and clothing tight
Against my body as I leaned
Forward to walk into the mouth
Of the day, to live this way, perfection.

But it was not. It was time
Who dressed in that same clothing
And hid in the doorways swirling hours
And memories alike around me
Until I became so confused
By all things I found myself once
Again talking, without sound,
Back to the perfection that was wind.

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