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Saturday, April 13, 2013


It has been too long and I keep finding I discovered too many images and good poems to use on Face Book.  I also want to open up another blog for my students from last quarter at UCD.  Details to follow.

MUEDUSA'S KITCHEN at has been featuring my poetry and photography now every Saturday for some time.  I generally only publish my work at MEDUSA'S KITCHEN.  So if you enjoy reading, it MEDUSA'S KITCHEN is a good place to find it.

The year is a banner year for me.  Cold River Press. org has published my 97 POEMS in a truly beautiful edition of 240 + pages, perfect bound, with cover and inside illustrations by Bodhi.  I also have some photographic illustrations in the book.

The book is available for $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping from www: COLD RIVER PRESS.ORG.

I also have a very limited edition chapbook published by  The book is named: PRIVATE ARCHAEOLOGY. This  book was designed, printed and hand bound by Bill Roberts in Dover, Delaware.  The text is set in Adobe Garamond Pro and printed on an HPCP2025dn.  The cover is printed letterpress on a Vandercook SP15 on 160gram Fabriano Tiziano paper from copper plate and handset metal type.  the first edition is limited to 126 copies.  100 sewn in wraps and 26 lettered copies, hand bound in boards and signed by the author.
The book is 40 pages, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.  The cover is by Tom Kryss.
Paperback Edition is $8.00
Signed Hardcover Edition is $30.00
It is available now.
I feel BOTTLE OF SMOKE PRESS produces the best looking and most cared for books of poetry on the planet.  I am honored to have them do a book of my work.

This summer LUMMOX PRESS, will publish a collection of 100 of my poems in a 148+ page perfect bound book called BREAKING AND ENTERING.  The book will sell for $15.00 and may be pre-ordered at the above address.  The cover is my Michael Robert Pollard, a wonderful artist currently living in Chicago.  It also features photographs by myself throughout the book.  Price is $15.00 plus postage.  It is a very nice collection of my work.

I could not be more pleased to have this much work all published within the same year.  Please order a copy for yourself.

Michael Robert Pollard painted this portrait of me almost ten years ago when he was living and working in Davis, California at the University there.

Here is a self-portrait by me more recent
than Michael Robert Pollard's painting.

Here is a poem from


The swarms are moving in.  They pass
Through our breath and fog the glass of days
Completely.  If they have bones, they use
Them to make music, a curious dry, music,
The sound of grasshopper wings in a still field.

We begin to write the opera they contain.
“I am more alive that you.”, wail the flutes,
Lugging their way through storms and broken
Reed to light upon the quick scarves of the 
Tongue and burst into colorful flame, capes
Unfurled, as if they were not paying attention 
To how the story might go.  They eat heroes
And heroines alike, spitting out the small bits,
Extinct and irrelevant but always catching us,
Making us regret their actions, passing us
With thick arms and buckets filled with fascinating
Treasures from the deepest parts of the sea.

Finally we are asked to walk among them,
Suspend belief, give ourselves over to their
Crackling displays that take language out
Of the senses violently, pulling our hair
To direct us in the direction they will have us
Go.  We become weary meeting other people.
Looking for the light in their eyes that allows
Us to understand they have seen what we 
Have seen, heard what they have heard.

From on high we can watch the doors of perception
Swing open and closed, millenniums of behavior,
Always similar to our own but finally crouching
Behind one another, As flies to wanton boys, 
Are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport.

We will leave the room quickly, dress without
Caring, only to be warm, find our way into the snow.
We will get into our automobiles, humming to ourselves
To keep some sanity and drive off into  music finally
Done with it, lucky to be alive.

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