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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This poetry reading is tonight.  It promises to be quite an evening.  Hope you locals can make it

buildings with sky bridge-Oakland, CA

broken crucifix, Elk Grove, CA

second story window - Oakland, CA

Here is a little poem on French Piano Music that I filled up with some of my favorite early 20th century composer.  I very much enjoy their music composed for the piano, vocal music and clarinet as well as much of their chamber music.


Tonight I will follow the plain
Out to where the adagio lives,
Where the Pavane is still danced,
Where the melody takes the bass
Out against the cloth of night
And presses it as close as breath.

Where we are the prayer in
Ravel or Poulenc or Satie,
Or Deodot de Severac, or Faure.
France comes to our bed and
Caresses us as we have never
Been touched before.  It settles
In our heart and in our hands,
In our memories of something we did
Early on in life, when every day was long
And every night, longer still.

We will keep this close.  We will
Breathe and the music will pulse
Through, yet remain and we shall sleep
In the hands of the masters. 

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