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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Composers-Jolly Roger-Wyeth-Pyle


Whatever is broken will remain so.

The universe does not know when

We decide things like broken. It

Just continues to move without regard to

Names and degrees of importance. All is

Equal here. This time I am equal to you.

I will tell you what to be concerned with

When the night makes that noise it does,

Telling us we have no right to be here.

Sparks fill the atmosphere and join our

Language as words of compassion or damnation.

There is no regard for the fact that we might

Have family or that we might be in love with

Someone who is quite important to us. No

Rules here my friends.. The herds of migration

Have no trouble flattening the trails toward

Water or a safe harbor away from the teeth

The sea brings to our voyages there. You

Can place bets but chances are I will have

Sex with those you love and you will have

Sex with those that I love and when migration

Is over we will have no memory at all. Everything

will be the change. Everything will be old again.

We will have no memory except that we once

Could dance. There are sounds, of course.

The great composers play with our libidos

As with flutes or double reed bassoons. We

Will delight at the tickling the tongue makes

Across the reeds. We will think each note

Is special, is ours alone. It is not. The great

Symphony moves into our loins and our minds.

We are lucky if we can remember who wrote

The theme. The memory for music is always

The most difficult to posses.

We will always salute you.

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