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Friday, March 26, 2010

Three images. The Triple Rainbow is by Bierstadt


Two stars caught between

The bottom of the mainsail

And the horizon have begun

To assert their importance.

By following these particular

Refugees from an ancient

Explosion it becomes possible

To find a way to proceed

Through this night, perhaps

Find land, a harbor, food,

Come to understanding something

Never before considered; a music

Unheard previously, filled with

Great sighing and an exquisite

Longing the soul recognizes

As an ancient companion long

Forgotten. Such things as this,

Holding this course, tacking

Back and forth across trackless

Spaces, binding all these poor

Stars, I may even hear your sweet

Voice again in my ears telling me

To trust in this kind of judgment,

Bidding me continue, making even

The shortest of journeys a marvelous

Thing. walking to the bedroom,

Seeing these two stars outside

The bathroom window, brushing

My teeth, navigating my way to your

Side, anxious to tell you everything.

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