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Monday, July 27, 2009

Breaking And Entering

Here is a poem. My daughter actually put this on her Facebook page. I was blown away by that.


Broken glass on the floor of dreams

Cut the feet and blood comes, a memory

Unrestrained and opened like a body in surgery

Runs and seems to be something spectacular.

A walk through a park in Springtime.

Explosions in the inner eye, an inability to

Walk to the edge of reason, love, drunken and useless

To form words, night terrors, adolescent concerns

With appearance and impressions derailed,

Sparks streaming from the mouth.

A sudden reversal of fortune, no way

To stay awake through it all.

We walk to the edge of the abyss.

We say our names to each other.

Nothing makes much sense.

Crickets begin their stridulation and the flesh

Parts below the dermis and works its way

Upwards to where we dine together,

Laughing and kidding about old times.

The way we understood each other.

Finally, splashes of liquids cool the flesh.

We hope they are parts of songs we once sang.

The referee makes arms signals showing

What it is we have done to deserve such penalties.

We stand at the rail of the boat.

The sea churns behind us, unalarmed

By all of this. In the next second

We remember everything.

I will kiss you like this again.

I will talk to your relatives as if they

Were photocopies of great bridges

That once spanned continents, Places

Where we could see what was coming,

Unable to do anything about it.

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