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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This poem is included in my book BREAKING AND ENTERING published by Lummox Press, San Pedro, CA 1913.


What are you looking at?’ she said.
Zero. I said.
Just zero? she said.

I caught one of them in the garden
Tonight.  It was pretty.  It had four
Wings and made a musical tinkling
When I held it by the wings.

What did you do with it?, I asked.
I bit it in half to see what it
Tasted like., she replied.

It was better than a frog but I
Don’t think I’ll do it again.
They are too pretty.

Did you know your mouth has
A glow about it.  It looks like
There is light inside your mouth.
Your lips are a gold light.

Don’t eat the fairies, I said.

I’m sorry, she said.  I really am.
We don’t have them near our
Homes and I thought they were
Wild things

You have too much owl in you.
I said I was sorry.
You’ll begin to talk like them
Within a fortnight., I announced.
I can already see you look
Different., she replied.

It’s my wings., I said.  They have
Finally grown back but won’t
Be of any real use for a month or so
Are you one of them now?, she asked.

No love, you are.  Don’t touch
Your body except when you
Want to feel the fairy stuff.
No one will believe you anyway.
And it’s hard enough to go out
At night alone because you
Will begin to glow all the time.

No.  I won’t.
You are glowing now.  I replied.
Do you know any of their songs?
Yes, I do., I replied.
Sing me one.

They go like this.

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