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Sunday, February 16, 2014



She lists well, that is
She neither perches
Or will sing, but coraciiform
And with catoptric eye reflects
All that is best in love and searchs,
Lively as a leveret
Room upon sweet room of
Heart’s folly, almost a test
To see what’s only guessed in
The lippers of emotions
That in their ruffling defines
The shape of depths
That lie below mere words.

The heart with its working,
Sucked up from the sea,
She sees as silver fish,
Forgeries of jewelry.

lists - an archaic use of the word as a transitive verb meaning 'to be pleasing to;suit.

coraciiform - an order of birds with strong sharp bills, usually bright coloration like bee eaters or hornbills.  One of my favorite families theyalways have a haughty look to them.

catroptic - not that obscure but it means reflecting or related to mirrors.

a leveret is a young hare but hardly anyone calls them that these days.

and lippers - ah yes, a slightly rough surface of a body of water.  I used to hear it on the Great Lakes but haven't heard it for years.

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