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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 Egon Schiele
Monbetsu - Hokkaido


I am the bridge of dreams.
I am bounded only by waking.
I am beyond the law.
I am part of life and of death.
I am the bones of the stars.
I am the color of the universe.

I am far islands the morning
Before the carnival.  I am
The sparking end of the power cable
Spitting into the night full of rain.
I am the sound of ten thousand
Tree frogs - the rain forest.
I am the coughing of the jaguar.

In the morning steam rises from me.
The dawn streams through my head.
I hold you close and move inside
Your body.  I taste your skin and
It is sweet and salty writing as I enter you
Again and again just as you awaken.

I am gone seconds after your eyes open.

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