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Wednesday, November 20, 2013



There, right where the clouds are
Coming apart, see, it’s blue, a perfect
Blue like drowning or almost drowning,
When the stillness comes upon one believing
You have made a wish, trying to convince
You that it really has something here,
Something you will want.  It will teach 
You to remember, so it says, so it says.

I trail my fingers in the river as the boat
Moves down the river.  See, just up ahead
The night is putting that cloud in our way
So we think that it is dressing.  You point
Out the stars and we do not notice that
The sky has turned completely black.

I start to weep but you tell me there will be more
Stars shortly and perhaps a moon.  Swarms
Of insects fly around the lantern you have lit.
“Don’t worry.”, you say, “They will not bite you.
They have only come to see the light.  Soon
They will fly to the stars.”  I don’t believe you,
Deciding that this is all a mirror and I am on
One side of it and you are on the other. 

Finally, nothing is reflected.  I believe I can
Hear you breathing and gaze hard at the glass.
It is like we have been cut in half and no one
Has noticed this, least of all ourselves.
I begin to sing you a song.  It is very beautiful
But we do not even speak the same language
And you are unable to know what is being said.

The moon is about to rise.  You hold my hand,
Point to the dark at the tops of the trees
Where it is just coming into view.  The clouds
Make it look red for awhile, then an intense yellow. 
Right then: We decide we both have been dreaming.

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