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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Terry Schoonhaven

Paulo Paulauskas


Angels in large groups are seen
Flying away from cities.
We look underneath our beds and find
Sparks of light smoldering, glints off
Silver and gold baubles left there
So they may be understood as gifts
To others, as a kind of braille to help
Describe wonder and its patterns
Through our nervous system like
Crying children afraid to be left
This alone.  We watch the angels
Depart.  There is little we can do.

The glaciers have receded. So much
More land has been revealed than
We are able to understand.  We are
Offered places to live, carved from stone
By huge sheets of ice.  Lakes are everywhere.

There is really no place to go when
We finally realize the extent of the
Angel exodus.  We look for wings, hope
We may join them, seek other ways
To understand everything that has happened.
Do you remember who I am?
Do you remember that I love you?

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