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Monday, August 26, 2013

ANOTHER VAMPIRE......after Kipling

The Change

after Kipling

Broken I was and beyond repair
(I never could understand.)
I’d stand in the rain and think it was fair
( I knew I was wrong but I just couldn’t care)
But still I stood and still I stared
(I never could understand.)

I stepped on my dreams, or so it seems
I tried to keep them all clear
But there was never a dawn that could draw me on
( Now I can feel and I tried hard to feel)
And I struggled, but named it fear.

I was loved or thought may be I might
(I never could understand)
Still I leaned into the fight
Broke my spirit to capture the light
(And the light it was never that bright)
(I never could understand.)

Oh the things I would do to make this seem true
Were never enough, much too bland
And now I can feel, As I am able to feel
(But please understand that I barely can feel)
Yet it still seemed all much too grand.

I’m broken apart, like it matters at all
(I never could understand.)
And I’ve tripped on the verge and I crawl
(But it doesn’t seem real, just small)
Still I grew, but was broken, was never so tall
(I never could understand.)

And now in the twilight I beg for a bright light
And it cuts like a curse from a height.

And I’ll never know how it caught me and so
(My soul has gone from me, faith, I never will know)
And I never will understand.

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