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Friday, June 21, 2013



We had been traveling for many days.
The far lands still seemed as far away
As ever.  Everyone looked young, ready
To devour whatever might be placed
Before us.  We had a million ideas.

From the evening hills, just before the dark
The purple winds could be seen gathering.
We had no idea what they were, only that
They seemed ominous and unwelcoming.

By the time they were upon us all was
Confusion.  I could not see past my own 
Hand.  Voices could be heard but it was
Impossible to identify anyone because 
The wind claimed even their voices.

We had no idea when the wind passed,
Only that we were no longer young, that
It was harder to see due to the dust
In the air.  We were scattered but still
Traveling.  We tried to regroup, to find

Our friends from before the winds.
The sun was much less bright, so many 
Looked familiar.  The dogs had wandered off.

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