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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Soyons Discrets - label
The Alphabet - The Letter 'E'
V. Cardadossi - Shooting Star


I am unable to do anything about it.
I stare for hours at the ocean.
I have been taken.  My thought
Listening to translations from
A language made of magic and swift gestures

Captured from dances performed 
By a hooded crowd who insist
We know them but they do not
Know time and we show the tattoos 
Of time all too clearly.

I am going to walk away from this
For a moment.  I am in danger of
Falling too far and becoming water,
Totally water, once again.

I saw spirits moving as clouds
Toward an infinite tomorrow.
I am unable to recall if we arrived
Here to do something special like dying
Or if there was to be a fiesta
That had another ending, a sky filled 
With fireworks.  We have seen such 
Things as we are not allowed to
Even attempt in explanations.

I sharpen my knives.  There will
Come a time when a dagger will
Hold all the language, when we 
Will garb ourselves for inclement
Weather and find our horses.

This might be a story but it does
Have horses. So we might want to
Leave before we know too
Much to begin insisting on a dawn,
A special fire that really gives
Nothing away at all.

And so I think I’m telling you a story 
But it seems all about a carnival 
That happens tomorrow in a poem
Left in a book so very long ago.

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