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Sunday, May 19, 2013


From the Aberdeen Bestiary

This poem was frist published in Medusa's Kitchen.


The silences have become caves
Or mines and I became distracted
There by words.  There I am able 

To see them twist and combine,
To copulate letter by letter,
Forging meaning, arguing with each
Moment, bearing gifts for creatures
Who are barley able to see because
The night encompasses them.

Rivers of writers harvesting these
Silly words, believing they are stars,
Planets, moons populating what?

A book, an essay on planetary motion,
A poem about living in a remote
Village high in the mountains?

Finding oneself there upon waking in the
Morning without any sense of how
One travelled there.  Finding work
With a people who do not understand
Whatever one is saying.  Listening 
For the silences, working in the deepest mines.

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