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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the man who wrote The Little Prince disappeared over the Mediterranean flying with his air squadron in 1944 a year after writing that book The following is an excerpt from his book Wind, Sand and Stars.

Thus, when Mermoz first crossed the South Atlantic in a hydroplane, as day way dying he ran foul of the Black Hole region, off Africa. Straight ahead of him were the tails of tornadoes rising minute by minute gradually higher, rising as a wall is built; and then the night came down upon these preliminaries and swallowed them up; and when, an hour later, he slipped under the clouds, he came out into a fantastic kingdom.
Great black waterspouts had reared themselves seemingly in the immobility of temple pillars. Swollen at their tops, they were supporting the squat and lowering arch of the tempest, but through the rifts in the arch there fell slabs of light and the full moon sent her radiant beams between the pillars down upon the frozen tiles of the sea. Through these uninhabited ruins Mermoz made his way, gliding slantwise from one channel of light to the next, circling round those giant pillars in which there must have rumbled the upsurge of the sea, flying for four hours through these corridors of moonlight toward the exit from the temple. And this spectacle was so overwhelming that only after he had got through the Black hole did Mermoz awaken to the fact that he had not been afraid.

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