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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here's a couple of poems and some more images.


I smell you on my hands.

It has been years since

I’ve seen you, looked

Into your eyes, moved

My mouth to make your name.

My breath begins to catch

fire, sparks on my tongue.

I adjust the light,

Rub my nose, thinking

Of highway 50 through Nevada,

Flat, the loneliest road

In America.

It is no good. I imagine

Us there, floating above the desert,

Inches off the ground, twisting

Like a dust devil through

Our sins, beyond any radar.

We lose our ability to speak.

The sweat of our bodies begins

To glow in the dark.

We are astonished with

Our heat and alert

All emergency services.

We must cool down.

We take desperate measures.

Maybe if we taste the moon,

It will be chill like the night.

We try it...No use.

We eat the moon and commence

To shine. The night wraps

Itself around us, curiously unburdened.

It knows us as it knows stars.

We embrace more tightly.

The tides begin to change.


Oh this is peaceful.

This light stays when all

Else fades. It is a serious

Pursuit, worthless, yes,

Useless, oh certainly and I suppose

Even boring to some people,

Those ill on the world, drunk

On its ‘nobody’s a long time’,

Sentiment and that heritage

Of, ‘if anybody even attempts

To think deeply about something

They are the sick ones.’ And here

We are driven toward a beautiful

But terrible forest full of dead

Souls unable to be serious about

Anything except the executioner

Returning to darkness and the murder

That goes on in this perfectly

Lovely world.

Listen to them growling.

Let’s go get ourselves born

So we don’t have to deal with these

Things that feel darkness and ignorance.

Fury, boys, let’s give them fury, real FURY.

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