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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here's one from this morning and some photos I liked, none of them mine.


It’s always the wonder, the mist

Above to morning river, the shimmering

Horses seen through Summer heat on the desert,

The changing of the seasons with their gifts,

The way dreams crowd themselves in our waking.

Waiting along the sides of the road we see

Butterflies of a most remarkable color rise

From a single bush full of the jewels wisdom

Creates when it walks among us with a human

Voice and there, such a lovely woman waves

Toward our rag tag bunch of wanderers and

Calls to us to come for lunch, right about now.

Brooms that stand straight up, almost a forest,

They nod their corn straw heads. A waterfall

Grows from the heart of the forest planting

Rainbows on your skin. We turn colors,

Surprising one another constantly.

I guess I must have looked surprised when

I got here. I didn’t expect it would be like this. It’s

Always wonder that carries the meanings in its

Coat pockets, talks across the whole country,

Allows us to return time and time again to continue

Through tears and heartbreak, murder and confusion.

I’m all for it, will get up and walk right up to it.

I’ll take all you’ve got, angels in the windows laughing.

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  1. Lovely writing + Jason and the Argonauts is always an unbeatable combination.