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Monday, August 24, 2009

Medusa's Kitchen published this 'atmosphere' today.


Electric blue neon snakes

Out of her mouth.

One step and everything twists

Out of its axis. Middle gray.

Summer used to be like this

Cool mornings. Fog rolls up

From the gorge and fills

The streets. Middle gray.

A blinking yellow light

Indicates what used to be

An intersection. Totally

Deserted now. Middle gray.

High above the streets a telephone

Insists that it is important.

Just as quickly it is silenced. Middle gray.

Previously we defended

Our right to communicate

Freely. All was lost

In the floods. middle gray.

From the edge of town

Rockets arc into the air.

Deep trails of smoke

Stretch out behind them. Middle gray.

We change clothing. Middle gray.

Our identities are erased. Middle gray.

All transmission ceases. Middle gray.

Middle gray.

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